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President’s Message

A proudly Canadian owned and operated company, 2016 marks the 5th decade Bayshore HealthCare has delivered quality care to those in need. It is our mission to deliver passionate and caring service to all Canadians every visit, every time.

It is through our vision of being the difference that our caregivers work relentlessly to best serve our clients – spending over 5,000,000 hours a year taking care of them. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we’ve expanded our Bayshore family to include a vast array of services designed to meet the dynamic and ever-evolving needs of Canadians.

Bayshore is built upon the guiding values of compassion and reliability; team work and diversity; innovation, leadership, and growth. All of our over 11,000+ employees across Canada operate with these fundamental values in mind, establishing Bayshore as the trusted source of care in all communities and neighbourhoods – a friendly face that delivers superior service with a smile.

Join us on this trip down memory lane as we share stories from Bayshore clients and employees that demonstrate the Bayshore difference when it comes to care. We’ll be sharing these touching testimonials on our website as we celebrate 50 years of optimized, quality care – delivered from our family to yours.

Stuart Cottrelle
President, Bayshore HealthCare

Bayshore HealthCare

In 2015, Bayshore enhanced its Mission, Vision, and Values to better reflect the diversity of its divisions as well as its employees.

Mission Passionate and Caring

Bayshore HealthCare is passionate and caring about everything it does. About the time with clients, how each other is treated and the quality of its work.

Vision Imagine Being the Difference

Each and every one of Bayshore employees has the ability to create special moments, both big and small. They constantly look for ways to make things better and be the difference in the lives of people being cared for or work with and communities serviced.

Values Compassion, Respect, and Dignity

Bayshore values compassion and reliability, team work and diversity, innovation, leadership and growth.



Welcome to your new homecare company, Bayshore HealthCare.

Bayshore HealthCare has acquired Rest Assure Community Support Services based in the Kawartha Lakes for over 18 years.

Bayshore HealthCare will continue to provide all clients with the same level of respect, care and support that they are used to receiving from Rest Assure. Rest Assure clients will receive care from the same team of caregivers and will have more care options available to them through Bayshore. Our continued investment in innovation and home care services, allows us to provide additional services to Rest Assure clients and we look forward to offering continued support to you and your families.

To support the staff and clients of Rest Assure, Bayshore will maintain the Rest Assure office in Kent Place Mall in Lindsay.