Important announcement from our President Stuart Cottrelle regarding COVID-19

With increased concern around COVID-19, I want to ensure that our clients and their families understand our company priorities and what we are doing to continue to keep clients and our employees safe.

Updated: April 6, 2020

As the COVID-19 virus spreads, our hospitals will be overwhelmed, forcing patients who still need care, out of hospital, to make room for more seriously ill patients. Retirement homes will go into lock down, keeping families out and healthy residents living with residents who are sick – some who may be infected with the virus and not show any symptoms. Long term care facilities suffer from chronic understaffing. Many staff members are part-time and work at other facilities, making the risk of spreading the disease much higher.

The model of care is changing.

At Bayshore, we can provide care for your loved one with one-to-one care at a time when it is needed the most. Instead of different staff providing care, your loved one will be looked after by one Bayshore caregiver, keeping everyone safer. If more than one caregiver is required a small dedicated team will be assigned based on care needs. All staff are screened daily and have personal protection available.

Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic and, more importantly, every day, is to make sure our clients and employees stay safe. Nothing has changed – this has always been our focus. The protection of our clients is our highest priority, and we have processes in place to safeguard everyone.

The situation is going to get worse before it gets better. In a recent editorial in the Globe and Mail, André Picard, stated “ If you have a loved one in long-term care and you realize that, if they fall ill with COVID-19, they may have a one in three chance in dying, it’s pretty clear what you should do. If you can, get them out while you still have a chance.”

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Updated: March 26, 2020

Our company has been on the front lines of healthcare for many years now…and I am particularly proud of the services provided by our nurses, personal support workers, home care professionals and admin staff. They have always worked at keeping people out of the hospital and safe in their own homes.

This has never been more important than in today’s current client with the pandemic of COVID-19 and the incredible strain it is putting on us professionally and personally.

Our clients’ health and safety is important to all of our staff. We have good infection and control practices as well as tried and true procedures for dealing with events such as pandemics. We are in continuous communication with our staff and have a dedicated team of nursing and health care professionals available to answer any of their questions.
Our clinical team is also working hard to ensure our front line staff have the personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves, they need while caring for our clients.

I’ve already heard some heart-warming stories of our people going above and beyond their work, because they truly care and want to help in any way they can. Our staff have families as well, who they also worry and care about – and they are balancing in all of those responsibilities – not an easy task.

We are also committed to being true to living our Mission, Vision and Values. We are passionate and caring and we imagine being the difference in the lives of those we care for, those we work with and in the communities we serve.

These are tough times, to be sure. The common courtesies we are used to have been replaced with social distancing courtesies. But let’s not lose touch with what makes humans unique and that is our innate need to care for each other.

I continue to be incredibly grateful for the amazing work our employees do each and every day and the trust our clients place in us.

Stay safe and be well,

Stuart Cottrelle
Bayshore HealthCare

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