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What is Palliative Care

When someone faces a life-limiting illness, they and their loved ones need care and emotional support. An Integrated Palliative Care Approach helps patients of all ages achieve the best possible quality of life from diagnosis to the end of life.
Palliative care can:

Palliative care can be provided in all settings where a patient lives or is receiving care – in their home, at their primary care provider’s office, in hospital or in other community settings.
In the early stages of illness trajectory, focusing on open and honest communication on goals of care, psychosocial, spiritual support , and pain & symptom management palliative care offers patients and their families a greater sense of control as they are actively involved in their own care. Identifying patient needs early, can help to anticipate, prevent and relieve suffering.

How we can help

Our palliative care programs are designed to reduce the burden of suffering and focus on the quality of life for both the living and the dying. We provide expertise and support throughout the illness trajectory, with symptom management, medication management, personal care, rehabilitation, nursing care and end-of-life care, tailored to meet the needs of the patient and their family.
Bayshore HealthCare also offers support to the clinical practitioner team with Medical Assistance In Dying. Our integrated care team provides access to nursing and pharmacy support, while caring for patients with respect and dignity.

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