Mobile Lab Services in Regina  

A mobile laboratory service that is reliable, convenient, and certified

At Bayshore Home Health, we understand the value of a service you can trust. We also recognize that you may not always want to travel to a hospital, lab, or clinic to wait in line for a blood draw / urine collection. We are pleased to offer a convenient way for you to have this completed in the comfort of your own home. Our qualified, trained, and friendly Phlebotomists will come directly to you. Enjoy peace of mind that our team will ensure your sample is safely delivered to the nearest lab/hospital for immediate processing where results are sent back to your Physician and applied to your E-Health file. Our Mobile Lab service has been licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health in Saskatchewan.

Preparing for blood work

How it works?

Patients email us their requisition; we then keep it on file and book accordingly.

Cost: $50/visit

Our certified staff will:

  • Ask your physician or facility to fax a prescription with orders for blood work
  • Arrange to meet with you, at your convenience
  • Deliver your sample to the laboratory for processing
  • Maintain a confidential relationship with you and your medical staff
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