Client Directed Home Care Invoicing (CDHCI) – Northern and Central Alberta

The choice is yours

The Client Directed Health Care Invoicing (CDHCI) Program is a new provincial initiative in Alberta that enables eligible individuals the opportunity to select their own preferred home care services provider and have the cost largely covered by government insurance. *

You can now hire your own private healthcare workers through Bayshore for personal care services, home support, and respite care. And we’ll manage everything from service delivery to submitting invoices. Additionally, our team will work directly with Blue Cross for reimbursement of approved expenses, so you don’t have to.

Enjoy reliable, personalized care that aligns with your needs and preferences.


Bayshore caregiver with patient.


If you already have Homecare or Self-Managed care set up, call our team directly and we can walk you through the process.


Contact your AHS Case Manager: Contact your current AHS Case Manager to discuss your eligibility for the CDHCI program. You can also contact the AHS Community Home Care Intake line (811) to self-refer. They will arrange for a Case Manager to visit your home, assess your needs, and allocate hours.

Sign the required documents: Complete the Consent to Disclose Information form and the Letter of Agreement outlining the terms & responsibilities, provided by your case manager.

Approval from Blue Cross: All we need is a letter of approval from Blue Cross and then our team will build an individualized care plan, schedule your services, and manage the administrative and billing responsibilities.

Additional services are available via private billing: These include added hours beyond the approved limit, overtime, vacation pay, or equipment expenses (not covered by the blue cross CDHCI program).

Eligibility for the CDHCI program

  • Reside in Alberta and have a valid health care card.
  • Complete a home care assessment carried out by AHS.
  • Have a predictable and consistent level of need for home care services.
  • Be responsible for any difference between the AHS-funded rate and Bayshore’s hourly rate.

Key benefits of the program

  • You won’t have to self-manage your care – our team will help you navigate the system.
    • “Right Fit” hiring
    • Replacement for staff due to illness, schedule changes, or vacation.
    • Ongoing training and education for our staff
    • Ongoing coaching, and mentoring by our team
  • The freedom and flexibility to choose and hire the care provider of your preference.
  • Better access to our services if you have short-term intensive needs, cultural considerations, or live in an area where it’s difficult for AHS to arrange services.
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